Infant Physiotherapy

Infant Physiotherapy: A Treatment for Children's Ailments

Did you know your infant might be suffering from stress and muscular weakness? If you see physical weakness in your child despite a healthy diet, consult with us for an infant physiotherapy session. Kamalika’s Physiotherapy is the best infant physiotherapy service in Kolkata

About infant Physiotherapy

Infant physiotherapy is somewhat different from that for adults. Physiotherapies consider the kids’ physical condition before proceeding with the treatment. Kamalika’s infant physiotherapists use teh latest tools for assessing your child’s condition. As a part of the paediatric physiotherapy session, the expert assesses the infant for delays in development and neurological symptoms. A physiotherapy session can help your child develop in sports, biomechanically, from injuries, and more.

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infant physiotherapy

Why infant physiotherapy?

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  • It enhances muscular strength in their arms, trunk, and legs.
  • Improved joint movement rates.
  • Enhanced ability to crawl, sitting without any support, or even stand
  • Improves your kids’ ability to communicate with others while playing
  • Improved alignment of body segments and postures during various activities
  • Prevents all minor physical complications

When do you need a physiotherapy session for infants?

If you see your infant experiencing any of the below physical troubles in daily life, it is time to look for physiotherapy services near you.

  • When your newborn has difficulty turning his or her head
  • If you have an infant with a slow development rate like difficulty in crawling, rolling over, or walking
  • When your newborn has difficulty with tummy time tolerance
  • Babies with poor coordination and balance issues, leading to frequent falls
  • Infants having bow legs, pigeon toes, knock-knees, etc.
  • If your baby has a flat spot on their head’s side or back, even after they are 7 weeks old. 

Parents should look out for such physical conditions that impair their infant’s movement. The above are some examples; there can be other conditions as well. 

Infant physiotherapy services in Kolkata

The Infant Physiotherapy services offer individual treatment sessions. It helps us understand children and their difficulties better so that we can plan the treatment accordingly. At Kamalika’s, we offer the below treatments to infants-

  • Exercises for increasing muscle strength
  • Stretching to improve the movement range
  • Activities like side-lying, sitting, rolling, supine, etc.
  • Playtime with the child to develop social skills
  • Equipment and exercising supports to improve the position
  • Speech therapy 

We recommend regular sessions with physiotherapists for the faster development of your child. The stretching and mild exercising sessions improve your infant’s muscles for a wide range of movement and remedy their delay in activities like crawling, walking, etc. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Kamalika’s Physiotherapy has 5+ years of experience in treatment.
  • We offer personalized, one-on-one, home physiotherapy sessions.
  • Our physiotherapists are available 24×7.
  • We guide parents on maximizing their baby’s functional ability with advanced techniques, positioning, equipment.
  • All our physiotherapists are certified and experienced.
  • It is the most economical physiotherapy solution in Kolkata.
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Frequently Ask Question

Who can benefit from infant physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can help kids with ailments like Gross Motor Delay, Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, kids with physical injury, Down Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, etc.

Do parents play a role in infant physiotherapy?

Parents or caregivers need to be present during the physiotherapy sessions. Physiotherapist recommends parents to be more attentive towards a child's posture and ailments to understand their treatment needs.

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