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The Best Physiotherapist in Sealdah- Kamalika For Your Child’s Physiotherapy

Have you seen your child has fostered a level head? Does your child like to look aside as it were? Does your child not endure” belly time”? It is safe to say that you are stressing your child isn’t yet slithering or strolling? Is it accurate to say that you are concerned your youngster strolls with feet pointing inwards or is somewhat “awkward” with running? Does your youngster have a niggling knee or foot torment when playing football? It is safe to say that you are worried about the stance of your developing young adult? The physiotherapist in Sealdah, Kamalika Physiotherapy can help you and your kid.

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Best Physio in Sealdah and Osteopathy Children Services

At Kamalika Physiotherapy, kids are treated in the accompanying way with the help of lady physiotherapist in Sealdah:

  • Full ‘Adage’ child and kid actual checks
  • Paediatric Physiotherapy for muscular and sports wounds, engine improvement
  • Chest and hack, neurological, bladder and inside conditions
  • Osteopathy and craniosacral treatment
  • Mother and child center
  • Workshops

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About Kamalika Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Treatment in Sealdah

Physiotherapy is the most promising and recommended treatment to relieve yourself of any stress or physical pain. I, Kamalika, am a certified physiotherapist with 9+ years of experience in this field. I bring you the best physiotherapy sessions at the comfort of your home in Sealdah. Kamalika Physiotherapy has also got state-of-the-art clinical facilities where you can visit for your physiotherapy or yoga sessions.

Now, you can hire a female physiotherapist for home-based treatment easily with us. As a certified physiotherapist, I can help you recover from disabilities, injuries, or stress of any kind. My team of good quality physiotherapists in Sealdah near your location and I are experts in healing patients from acute and chronic problems with physiotherapy and yoga treatments at their homes.

Kamalika’s Physiotherapy

Why Choose Us for Physiotherapy at Home in Sealdah?

At Kamalika Physiotherapy, our extraordinarily prepared physiotherapists and osteopaths have the ability to evaluate, distinguish, treat and give early mediation to kids from 0 to 18 years with testing conditions just as for exhortation, guide and backing.

Our paediatric cooperation intently together to accomplish the most ideal results. We communicate in English, Hindi and Bengali. In this way, interfacing with us while treating won’t be any issue. A specialist’s reference isn’t needed to see a female physiotherapist in sealdah. Notwithstanding, we work intimately with GPs, birthing assistants, word related advisors and driving Kolkata paediatricians and paediatric muscular trained professionals. We adopt an all-encompassing strategy taking a gander at your kid in general prosperity, exercises just as social issues, rest or diet designs that could add to the current issue.

Consult with Kamalika Physiotherapy for physiotherapy at home services.

Maxim Paediatric Developmental Check

In case you are worried about your youngster’s development and improvement or other actual issues, in case you don’t know whether your kid needs treatment, on the off chance that you need consoling and might want some exhortation, we suggest our far-reaching appraisal MOT child or kid Check-up.

We screen your little one from head to toe to check the honesty of the kid’s muscles and bones, recognize deviations and indications of engine improvement issues. The complete appraisal will distinguish on the off chance that you youngster needs treatment or just consolation and counsel.

Meet Your Best Physiotherapists in Sealdah

Our Patients Google Reviews

Amit Singh
Amit Singh
Sangeeta Biswas
Sangeeta Biswas
Kamalika is a wonderful soul. I was deep down with pain on my neck shoulder & upper back....her physiotherapy and ultrasound has helped me immensely to gete out of my bed where I was lying for more than a week...thanks a lot Kamalika for your treatment...God bless you 🙂
Farid Shaikh
Farid Shaikh
My therapist Rama Ghosh is very polite and friendly. She has adequate skills and is professionally sound. I met with an accident and ended up with a torn tendon in my shoulder. Thanks to therapy, I am a lot better now.
Sovia Saha
Sovia Saha
I was suffering from upper back pain and mild carpal tunnel syndrome hence was advised Physiotheraphy.I had an amazing experience with my therapist Kamalika Chowdhury.Not only I recovered well and fast ,Kamalika was very kind and well behaved that helped me a lot.I would highly recommend her home service for Physiotheraphy.
Sanhita Dutta
Sanhita Dutta
I was suffering from knee pain for a long time . Tampa ma'am 's physiotherapi is very good . Now I feel much better n relief from pain . She is very polite . Thanks to Tumpa ma'am and komolika team .
Very good. Great
deb asmita
deb asmita
A caring treatment hepled to heal faster. Thank you Tumpa Dutta and team Kamalika.
Anusua Banerjee
Anusua Banerjee
I have received good sevice from my therapist Tumpa Dutta. She is experienced and careful too. I am satisfied.
Indranil Roy Choudhury
Indranil Roy Choudhury
We opted for Kamalika for my mother who is suffering from chronic knee problem and her services have been professional. She even changed one of her therapist who didn't suit us. She provides apt recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The physiotherapists of Kamalika Physiotherapy can help patients in the accompanying way:

  • Our paediatric physiotherapists offer individualized types of assistance to youngster patients in the solace of their homes.
  • Our Physiotherapists are all around experienced, prepared and confirmed.
  • They work intimately with guardians or parental figures and appropriately survey, analyse each case prior to setting up a redid treatment plan.
  • They are thoughtful towards unique requirements of patients.
  • On site, you can book the time allotment of your meeting according to your accommodation for physiotherapy at home services.
  • Our physiotherapists utilize progressed gadgets to screen clinical reports and patient advancement to give you the best administrations.
  • One can easily find us by searching physiotherapist near me and book an appointment with us.

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