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Get Rid of Physical Pain with the Help of Kamalika Physiotherapy- the Best Physiotherapist in Maniktala

Kamalika Physiotherapy is India’s quickest developing physiotherapy administrations, comprising of a group of productive physiotherapists. At Kamalika Physiotherapy with lady physiotherapist in Maniktala, we are resolved to build admittance to quality physio care through super current centers and high-talented professionals. Our coordinated or multi-treatment approach helps maintain a solid spotlight on quiet requirements and convey the most significant level of patient driven consideration with better results.

We serve a wide scope of patients offering treatment at center just as at the solace of their homes. We ensure that our facilities are furnished with the most recent hardware’s as well as give spotless, enthusiastic and inspiring airs for better recuperating. For physiotherapy at home services, our grounded measures guarantee conveyance of excellent treatment with prevalent patient assistance. Maybe than conditional commitment with patients, we are resolved to cooperate with our patients in their excursion of mending

We work with you through your recuperating beginning to end giving a powerful program including mix of various treatments or modalities. Additionally, after treatment is finished, we offer help or direction by female physiotherapist in Maniktala to keep injury from rehashing or torment from returning. The joy on our patient’s appearances is the thing that makes a big difference for us.

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Why Pick Us for Physiotherapy at Home in Maniktala?

1. Personalized care

Every persistent gets a modified convention in their wellbeing and for quicker recuperation.

2. Unique approach

Utilization of different manual treatments and modalities for recuperation.

3. Optimum recuperation

Zeroed in on get back to work and forestall reoccurrence of torment or affliction.

About Kamalika Physiotherapy

Female Physiotherapist in Maniktala

Physiotherapy is the most promising and recommended treatment to relieve yourself of any stress or physical pain. I, Kamalika, am a certified physiotherapist with 9+ years of experience in this field. I bring you the best physiotherapy sessions at the comfort of your home in Maniktala. Kamalika Physiotherapy has also got state-of-the-art clinical facilities where you can visit for your physiotherapy or yoga sessions.

Now, you can hire a female physiotherapist for home-based treatment easily with us. As a certified physiotherapist, I can help you recover from disabilities, injuries, or stress of any kind. My team of good quality physiotherapists in Maniktala near your location and I are experts in healing patients from acute and chronic problems with physiotherapy and yoga treatments at their homes.

Kamalika’s Physiotherapy

Meet Your Best Physiotherapists in Maniktala

Our Patients Google Reviews

Amit Singh
Amit Singh
Sangeeta Biswas
Sangeeta Biswas
Kamalika is a wonderful soul. I was deep down with pain on my neck shoulder & upper back....her physiotherapy and ultrasound has helped me immensely to gete out of my bed where I was lying for more than a week...thanks a lot Kamalika for your treatment...God bless you 🙂
Farid Shaikh
Farid Shaikh
My therapist Rama Ghosh is very polite and friendly. She has adequate skills and is professionally sound. I met with an accident and ended up with a torn tendon in my shoulder. Thanks to therapy, I am a lot better now.
Sovia Saha
Sovia Saha
I was suffering from upper back pain and mild carpal tunnel syndrome hence was advised Physiotheraphy.I had an amazing experience with my therapist Kamalika Chowdhury.Not only I recovered well and fast ,Kamalika was very kind and well behaved that helped me a lot.I would highly recommend her home service for Physiotheraphy.
Sanhita Dutta
Sanhita Dutta
I was suffering from knee pain for a long time . Tampa ma'am 's physiotherapi is very good . Now I feel much better n relief from pain . She is very polite . Thanks to Tumpa ma'am and komolika team .
Very good. Great
deb asmita
deb asmita
A caring treatment hepled to heal faster. Thank you Tumpa Dutta and team Kamalika.
Anusua Banerjee
Anusua Banerjee
I have received good sevice from my therapist Tumpa Dutta. She is experienced and careful too. I am satisfied.
Indranil Roy Choudhury
Indranil Roy Choudhury
We opted for Kamalika for my mother who is suffering from chronic knee problem and her services have been professional. She even changed one of her therapist who didn't suit us. She provides apt recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s justifiable that in case we are in torment, we need to be restored immediately. Numerous individuals search out cures that offer speedy help, and numerous individuals go to prescriptions that guarantee to wipe out your torment. These fixes simply cover the agony and regularly drive us into a proceeding with pattern of torment and medication use. Physiotherapy goes to the center hidden reason for your agony. Physiotherapy looks for a drawn-out answer for diminishing torment normally and for all time. In any case, now and again, a best physio in Maniktala can offer quick alleviation from torment.

Torment is a protection instrument that our bodies use to limit movement and alarm us to an issue. Physiotherapy can’t wipe out all torment related issues. Now and then medical procedure or other clinical mediations are fundamental. Notwithstanding, in by far most of circumstances, physiotherapy can assist with killing agony forever. Physiotherapists will direct customers in advances they can take to remain torment free in the future by changing the examples and movements that initially caused the torment.

Each circumstance is unique. A few customers need close to a few visits to a physiotherapist. Nonetheless, a few customers, for example, stroke patients or the individuals who have an obtained mind injury may see a physiotherapist in Maniktala for certain years. For easily find a physiotherapist search female physiotherapist near me. The objective of each physiotherapist ought to be to dispose of the requirement for a customer to see them. This implies they need to give proficient and successful treatment that guarantees a drawn out answer for a customer’s concern.

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