Neurotic Disorder Physiotherapy

The Best Neurotic Disorder Physiotherapy in Kolkata

A Neurotic disorder is a sign of mental distress that can lead to delusions and hallucinations such that the person experiencing it behaves erratically. If you want a stress-free stable life, hiring a Neurotic Disorder Physiotherapy in Kolkata

About Neurotic Disorder Physiotherapy

There are various ways of reducing stress and anxiety in a person. Neurotic Disorder Physiotherapy has proved to be one such solution. However, it is a treatment procedure that needs patience and expertise. There can be several mental disorder outbursts, ranging from muscle straining, tension, physical weakness, etc. 


Physiotherapy and massages provided at Kamalika’s can help reduce such anxiety. Physiotherapy can elevate your mood and self-esteem in many ways and lead to muscle relaxation. Physiotherapy benefits neurotic disorders in many ways.

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Neurotic Disorder Physiotherapy

How does Neurotic Disorder Physiotherapy help?

Did you know that physiotherapy can be a solution to your mental distress and anxiety? If you face muscle stiffness and too much work pressure, search for the best neurotic disorder physiotherapist near you. Physiotherapy services by Kamalika’s Physiotherapy guarantee you safe and 100% recovery. The benefits you get with the services are-

  • A motivating physiotherapy session can kick-start difficult muscle functions, and retraining will improve daily mobility.
  • Daily sessions of joint mobilization, stretching, muscle strengthening, and Infrared radiation improves your movement balance and posture.
  • Daily electrical and spastic stimulation treatment relieves you of your pain, eases breathing troubles and multidisciplinary situations.
  • Regular exercises like splinting, passive limb movement, or circulation correct your position and ensure that your muscles and joints never tighten.

When do you need a Neurotic Disorder Physiotherapy session?

Physiotherapy for patients with Neurotic Disorders is not the same as that of regular physiotherapy. It needs the therapist to be more patient and understanding. Patients who need such treatment are-

  • Suffering from clinical depression, delusion, or stress
  • One with Parkinson’s disease or brain injuries
  • A patient who has recently been through cardiac disorders
  • Aged people with muscle spasms, stiffness, weakness, etc.
Neurotic Disorder Physiotherapy session
Services offered

Services offered

Kamalika’s Physiotherapy offers the best services, exclusively designed for patients with neurotic disorders. Our expert physiotherapists perform the below services-

  • Clinical therapy with group sessions for stress relief
  • Rehabilitation support
  • Stretching and exercising for loosening the muscle stiffness
  • Massages 

Why Choose Us?

  • Kamalika’s Physiotherapy operates with over 5 years of experience
  • We offer one-on-one home physiotherapy sessions with personalized treatment
  • Our physiotherapists are available 24×7, both male and female
  • We assign physiotherapists with training in psychology to better understand your situation before planning the treatment for you.
  • We club physiotherapy with psychological assessment sessions for evidence-based therapy.
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Frequently Ask Questions

How much does a physiotherapy session cost?

At Kamalika's Physiotherapy, we offer personalized physiotherapy sessions. Hence, we assess the graveness of your physical condition and suggest the number of sessions required. We charge for each session based on the type of treatment and the amount of expertise required. Generally, a session can cost anything between Rs. 250 - Rs. 2,500/-

Do you offer home visit?

We offer home visits and personalized physiotherapy and exercising sessions 24x7.

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