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Get the Best Physiotherapy at Home in Ballygunge From Kamalika’s Physiotherapy

Nowadays, Physiotherapy at home is becoming extremely popular for individuals of all ages in India. Following the trend, Kamalika’s Physiotherapy began to provide cost-effective physiotherapy services at the convenience of your home by trained personnel.

With a thorough awareness of clients’ increasing movement-related and other physical disorders and difficulties, our best physiotherapist in Ballygunge constantly strives to provide a wide range of physiotherapy solutions to assure your loved one’s speedier recovery and mobility. All of our physiotherapists are highly skilled and experienced in healing individuals effectively and efficiently.

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Transform Your Body to Live A Healthy and Active Life

Life is great! However, there may be instances when we face difficult challenges that force us to limit the function of the body. In this regard, Kamalika’s Physiotherapy is the ideal option, who offers a comprehensive range of physiotherapy treatments that have been compiled and customized to your specific healthcare requirements. Moreover, our certified home physiotherapy solutions in Ballygunge encourages you in taking control of all of your health challenges and undertaking the first step toward living life to the fullest by implementing a proper exercise plan, diet, and lifestyle modification advice.

About Kamalika Physiotherapy

Female Physiotherapist in Ballygunge

I, Kamalika, a certified Physiotherapist with over 9+ years of experience, offer end-to-end physiotherapy treatment in Ballygunge that is safe, scientific, and successful. I and my team of expert Physiotherapists specialize in the evaluation and therapy of infants, neurotic disorders, orthopedic problems, pain management, post-operative physiotherapy, and post-pregnancy physiotherapy.

We always listen to the patient’s concerns first and plan recovery goals following the universally established guidelines for each disorder. We work hard not just to ease the symptoms and pain, but also to ensure that the problem may not reoccur. We collaborate with patients to deliver Physiotherapy treatment, which appears to be an integrated component of modern healthcare, enabling easy and inexpensive access for everybody. So, take the first step towards a healthy life by contacting us today and allowing the greatest specialists to care for you on your path to better health.

Kamalika’s Physiotherapy

Why Choose Us

The perks of using our physiotherapy treatment in Ballygunge include the following –

  1. Expert Physiotherapists – Our physiotherapists are highly trained and certified.
  2. Accurate Diagnosis– We offer detailed assessment and effective treatments.
  3. Hassle-Free Appointments – Just dial 9038405433 to interact with one of our professionals as soon as possible.
  4. Affordability– We provide economical home physio care in Ballygunge at your convenience.

Role of The Best Physiotherapist in Ballygunge In Today's Fast-Paced Life

Physiotherapists are getting increasingly popular in today's society for their significant contribution to healing people through exercise and mental support. The following are some of the significant roles played by our top physiotherapist in Ballygunge in improving one's quality of life:

  • Helps in the improvement of mobility and movement
  • Assists in the management of pain
  • Aid prevent additional injuries
  • Helps in Pre- and Post-Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Offer comprehensive support in the treatment of multiple health disorders
  • Helps in the increase of muscle strength and coordination
  • Helps improve Women’s Health (Post-Pregnancy)

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Advantages of Home-Based Physiotherapy Treatment in Ballygunge

Here are a few reasons why physiotherapy at home in Ballygunge could be a better solution for you:

  1. Convenience – You can receive treatment in the comfort of your own home with home-based physiotherapy. It avoids the need to travel to a clinic, which might be challenging if you are ill or have restricted mobility.

  2. Comfort – Receiving physiotherapy in the convenience of your own home helps you feel more at ease and relaxed.

  3. Family Members’ Involvement– Your family members might be present during a lady physiotherapist in Ballygunge comes to your home and monitor the therapy you receive from her. If more therapy is required, they are kept in the loop.

  4. Privacy – Home service for physiotherapy is an excellent option if you are self-conscious about your health or do not want others to witness you having treatment. You can receive therapy in the privacy of your own home without fear of being observed by anyone.

Based on the benefits listed above, if you’re looking for a skilled physiotherapist near me at home, look no further than Kamalika’s Physiotherapy. Contact us today to experience the wonders of advanced technology and specialized care.

Meet Your Best Physiotherapists in Ballygunge

Our Patients Google Reviews

Amit Singh
Amit Singh
Sangeeta Biswas
Sangeeta Biswas
Kamalika is a wonderful soul. I was deep down with pain on my neck shoulder & upper back....her physiotherapy and ultrasound has helped me immensely to gete out of my bed where I was lying for more than a week...thanks a lot Kamalika for your treatment...God bless you 🙂
Farid Shaikh
Farid Shaikh
My therapist Rama Ghosh is very polite and friendly. She has adequate skills and is professionally sound. I met with an accident and ended up with a torn tendon in my shoulder. Thanks to therapy, I am a lot better now.
Sovia Saha
Sovia Saha
I was suffering from upper back pain and mild carpal tunnel syndrome hence was advised Physiotheraphy.I had an amazing experience with my therapist Kamalika Chowdhury.Not only I recovered well and fast ,Kamalika was very kind and well behaved that helped me a lot.I would highly recommend her home service for Physiotheraphy.
Sanhita Dutta
Sanhita Dutta
I was suffering from knee pain for a long time . Tampa ma'am 's physiotherapi is very good . Now I feel much better n relief from pain . She is very polite . Thanks to Tumpa ma'am and komolika team .
Very good. Great
deb asmita
deb asmita
A caring treatment hepled to heal faster. Thank you Tumpa Dutta and team Kamalika.
Anusua Banerjee
Anusua Banerjee
I have received good sevice from my therapist Tumpa Dutta. She is experienced and careful too. I am satisfied.
Indranil Roy Choudhury
Indranil Roy Choudhury
We opted for Kamalika for my mother who is suffering from chronic knee problem and her services have been professional. She even changed one of her therapist who didn't suit us. She provides apt recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Physiotherapy at home Ballygunge is beneficial to the human body during paralysis treatment since it promotes blood circulation and muscular strength. Physiotherapy for paralysis aims to improve the patient’s movement, particularly in the afflicted limb. Furthermore, these sessions educate the patient as well as their family about the present medical condition and help educate them about potential complications.

It’s completely OK if medical records and test results are not available to you. During the consultation, our Ballygunge physiotherapist visiting home will diagnose your condition as well as provide recommendations for any health screening for diagnostic purposes. Your medical records and test results assist us to speed up the therapy process by precisely notifying us about your disorders.

The length of physical therapy for a sprained ankle, like many other ailments, is primarily dependent on the seriousness of the sprain. Minor sprains can be fully recovered within two to three weeks, however more severe sprains may require months of physical therapy. Our certified physiotherapy at your home will work with you to evaluate the problem and establish a treatment plan that may involve manual treatments such as joint mobilization and soft-tissue massage. These methods can help to eliminate scar tissue, reduce stiffness, and restore complete ankle mobility, all of which can speed up healing.

Bow legs and knock-knees in most children do not require treatment since they will correct themselves naturally as their bones and muscles grow and mature. If the bowing worsens as the kid develops or is worse on one side than the other, an evaluation by a top physiotherapist in Ballygunge would be required, who may work with your child on exercises to help straighten the bow legs and improve balance.

Following childbirth, you may consult with our female physiotherapist in Ballygunge for an evaluation of your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. This can be done as early as 6 weeks postpartum. The six-week postpartum assessment is indicated for postpartum pelvic floor muscle and abdominal area rehabilitation. This is extremely vital for women who experience difficulties after childbirth as well as those who want to get back to exercise safely.

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