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Get Neurological Physiotherapy Benefits by Kamalika Physiotherapist in New Alipore

Kamalika Physiotherapy, a standout place for lady physiotherapist in New Alipore, represents considerable authority in offering the best neurological physiotherapy at home. With the mix of demonstrated systems and proof-based practices, our best muscular Physiotherapists are giving complete consideration to individuals, everything being equal, and exhort them a treatment plan most appropriate to re-establish them to the typical state and advance in general actual prosperity.

Our profoundly prepared muscular physiotherapists are all around knowledgeable about giving physiotherapy treatment to a wide scope of conditions, for example, back torment, knee torment, neck torment, shoulder torment, joint inflammation, spondylitis, muscle strain and sprain, slipped plate, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia, dreary strain injury.

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What Is Neurological Physiotherapy?

Neurological physiotherapy or non-intrusive treatment by female physiotherapist in New Alipore is a clinical forte that spotlights on the remedy of disfigurements or useful disabilities of the skeletal framework. The issues include hyper-extends, strains, post break, post-medical procedure and tedious wounds. Neurological physiotherapy at home in New Alipore plans to give treatment to relief from discomfort, joint issues, further develop strength and adaptability and re-establish the lost capacity in the patient’s body. Neurological physiotherapy is performed by a clinical expert who is a specialist in surveying and giving treatment to wounds and conditions related with the musculoskeletal framework.

About Kamalika Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist in New Alipore

Physiotherapy is the most promising and recommended treatment to relieve yourself of any stress or physical pain. I, Kamalika, am a certified physiotherapist with 9+ years of experience in this field. I bring you the best physiotherapy sessions at the comfort of your home in New Alipore. Kamalika Physiotherapy has also got state-of-the-art clinical facilities where you can visit for your physiotherapy or yoga sessions.

Now, you can hire a female physiotherapist for home-based treatment easily with us. As a certified physiotherapist, I can help you recover from disabilities, injuries, or stress of any kind. My team of good quality physiotherapists in New Alipore near your location and I are experts in healing patients from acute and chronic problems with physiotherapy and yoga treatments at their homes.

Kamalika’s Physiotherapy

Why Pick Kamalika Physiotherapy for Physiotherapy at Home Services

  1. Experienced and qualified physiotherapist
  2. Pocket-friendly treatment cost
  3. Get customized treatment at home
  4. Most economical home care at home
  5. A wide range of physiotherapy treatments
  6. Our physiotherapists are certified and experienced
  7. Personalized, one-on-one home physiotherapy sessions
  8. Physiotherapists are available 24/7

Benefits of Physiotherapy at Home in Alipore

With the affordable and accountable home physiotherapy services, say goodbye to all your worries and enjoy a life free from hassles. Here are the benefits of physiotherapy:

  1. Our medicines are pocket-accommodating
  2. Our physiotherapists have over 5 years of involvement
  3. We offer customized locally established physiotherapy medicines for your benefit
  4. We have both male and female physiotherapists accessible for day in and day out
  5. The physiotherapy meetings are led by guaranteed, prepared and experienced specialists
  6. We offer individual treatment to patients
  7. Our medicines are isolated into bundles to offer you a further developed life
  8. We utilize most recent gadgets and present-day innovation for treatment

Advantages of Neurological Physiotherapy by the Best Physiotherapist in New Alipore

  • Orthopaedic Physiotherapy wipes out a medical procedure and keeps from future difficulties.
  • Orthopaedic Physiotherapy further develops body stance and re-establishes ordinary versatility.
  • Orthopaedic Physiotherapy fortifies the muscles and advances the general prosperity of actual wellbeing.
  • Orthopaedic Physiotherapy guarantees an expedient recuperation and assists with continuing back to a sound state.

Meet Your Best Physiotherapists in New Alipore

Our Patients Google Reviews

Amit Singh
Amit Singh
Sangeeta Biswas
Sangeeta Biswas
Kamalika is a wonderful soul. I was deep down with pain on my neck shoulder & upper back....her physiotherapy and ultrasound has helped me immensely to gete out of my bed where I was lying for more than a week...thanks a lot Kamalika for your treatment...God bless you 🙂
Farid Shaikh
Farid Shaikh
My therapist Rama Ghosh is very polite and friendly. She has adequate skills and is professionally sound. I met with an accident and ended up with a torn tendon in my shoulder. Thanks to therapy, I am a lot better now.
Sovia Saha
Sovia Saha
I was suffering from upper back pain and mild carpal tunnel syndrome hence was advised Physiotheraphy.I had an amazing experience with my therapist Kamalika Chowdhury.Not only I recovered well and fast ,Kamalika was very kind and well behaved that helped me a lot.I would highly recommend her home service for Physiotheraphy.
Sanhita Dutta
Sanhita Dutta
I was suffering from knee pain for a long time . Tampa ma'am 's physiotherapi is very good . Now I feel much better n relief from pain . She is very polite . Thanks to Tumpa ma'am and komolika team .
Very good. Great
deb asmita
deb asmita
A caring treatment hepled to heal faster. Thank you Tumpa Dutta and team Kamalika.
Anusua Banerjee
Anusua Banerjee
I have received good sevice from my therapist Tumpa Dutta. She is experienced and careful too. I am satisfied.
Indranil Roy Choudhury
Indranil Roy Choudhury
We opted for Kamalika for my mother who is suffering from chronic knee problem and her services have been professional. She even changed one of her therapist who didn't suit us. She provides apt recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Comprehend that the best physio in New Alipore commits his/her life to the decrease of agony and the rebuilding of development. The calling of physiotherapists highly esteems putting together their medicines with respect to logical, proof-based practices. Physiotherapy is profoundly compelling in treating a wide scope of conditions without the utilization of obtrusive procedures or destructive drugs.

Physiotherapy shouldn’t do any harm and is totally protected. Physiotherapy frequently actuates profound tissue, and it’s very conceivable that there will be some irritation after a treatment meeting. Extending and profound tissue work will frequently cause transitory irritation. Note that occasionally improving requires some difficult work.

You presently don’t require a specialist’s reference prior to seeing a physiotherapist. It is conceivable that your insurance agency may expect you to see a doctor and acquire a reference prior to seeing a physio. Nonetheless, in most of cases, individuals are allowed to book an arrangement straightforwardly without a note from their primary care physician. You also can search female physiotherapist near me for home visit and get the best physiotherapy services without any reference.

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