Post Operative Physiotherapy

Post-Operative Physiotherapy Services by Kamalika's Physiotherapy

Have you undergone surgery? Hire Kamalika’s Physiotherapy services for a speedy recovery with the post-operative physiotherapy session. We are the best physiotherapist in Kolkata to offer both clinical and home-based treatment.

About Post-Operative Physiotherapy

Post-Surgery or Post-Operative Physiotherapy or Rehabilitation can be defined as a crucial treatment procedure that includes sessions of both physiotherapy and exercises. The number of sessions you get depends on your physical condition. These sessions together assist in the improvement of the patient’s condition, helping them resume their regular physical activities. In fact, physiotherapy sessions have proven to be important for improving the quality of life.

If you are undergoing a planned surgery, your doctor is likely to recommend pre-surgery physiotherapy sessions. Patients taking both pre and post-operative therapy usually recover faster post the operation. These sessions are especially essential for enhancing your joint mobility and reducing the swelling that follows surgery.

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Post-Operative Physiotherapy

Why Post-Operative Physiotherapy?

One should look for the best post-operative physiotherapy near me after any surgery related to cardiac, orthopaedic, cancer, or similar conditions. Physiotherapists use a wide range of treatment and exercises to help the patients gain their muscle mobility and strength. Physiotherapy sessions under experts assist in speedy recovery.

Our physiotherapists conduct several exercise sessions like Quadricept sets, bed-supported knee bends, knee-straightening sets, stair climbing and descending session, etc. These sessions assist patients in regaining their joint mobility, muscle strength, and flexibility. Standing knee bend or similar advanced exercise sessions are essential for gaining optimal functionality and strength. Thus, these are essential post-surgery so that patients can resume their routine works. These sessions are the key to independence for patients who have been through surgery.

Some of the benefits of the treatment are-

  • Develops muscle strengths
  • Improves the body balance and posture
  • Restores regular mobility
  • Assists in pain reduction and weak muscle strengthening
  • Resume recreational ventures like sports and performances

Who needs Post-Operative Physiotherapy?

Post-Operative Physiotherapy services aim to restore lost mobility in a person after surgery. These are customized sessions as every post-operative situation is different. The common situations that require Post-operative physiotherapy services are-

  • Complete Knee Replacement surgery
  • Total Hip Replacement Surgery
  • Surgeries for Spine Injuries.
Post-Operative Physiotherapy
Post-Operative Physiotherapy

Post-Operative Physiotherapy Services

Kamalika’s Physiotherapy offers the following post-operative physiotherapy services-

  • Home-based exercising, including ankle pumps, bed-supported knee bends, sitting-supported knee bends, straight leg raises, sitting-unsupported knee bends, quadriceps sets, etc.
  • Infrared radiation 
  • Cold/Hote therapy
  • Electrical Stimulation

Why Choose Us?

  • Kamalika’s Physiotherapy offers 5+ years of experience in treatment in Kolkata
  • 24×7 home-based physiotherapy treatment sessions by both male and female specialists.
  • We have a team of certified and experienced physiotherapists with knowledge of advanced treatment technology.
  • Our services are highly economical
  • We offer a state-of-the-art clinical support 
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Frequently Ask Questions

How can I book a physiotherapy session in Kolkata?

Kamalika's Physiotherapy offers the best physiotherapy services in Kolkata. To book a session with our experts, visit us on our official website and place your request by filling up an enquiry form. Let us know your type of injury or physical problem, name, address, and contact details. Our expert physiotherapists will reach your doorsteps in no time. 

How long can a physiotherapy session continue?

Every patient is unique with varying conditions. We determine the count and duration of physiotherapy sessions based on these conditions. 

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