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Physiotherapy at Home – A SMART Move Keeping RSI at Bay


A computer is an obvious part of our work culture and every computer user should maintain a healthy computer/work habit to put RSI on the bay.  In today’s highly computerized era, more or less each computer user experiences aches and pains in day-to-day life due to a long time sitting in front of a computer.


Benefits of Physiotherapy at Home

The aches and pains are observed in the neck, shoulder, back (upper and lower), wrist, and elbow joint, and cause RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury. If you experience the same then it is time to call for a physiotherapist home visit instead of your DIY.

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Why RSI Happens?

RSI aka repetitive strain injury causes numbness to nerves of your hand, fingers, elbow, spine, back, shoulder, wrist and leads to weakness and stinging in your fingers and hands.

RSI symptom occurs when you practice the same move time and again and unknowingly damage your tendons, muscles, nerves, and other soft tissues. Let us know the factors that fuel RSI in our lives but cannot find it to the onset,

1. Bad Posture: Keyboard slouching takes the spine and limbs to a certain position that leads to increased muscle strain and tension as well as eye strain.

2. Poor Workplace set-up: Workstation that is poorly designed or does not fit you can lead to RSI.

3. Wrong Technique –   keyboard pounding, gripping mouse tightly, and moving your wrist back and forth to hold mouse can trigger the RSI symptoms for your hand and wrist that you cannot understand at the beginning.

4. Unmanageable Working/Computing Habits – Sitting at the computer or your desk for an extended time without changing to your position creates a harsh effect on the whole body and triggers the RSI syndrome.

You should not ignore the early signs of RSI (grip weakness, numbness, and pain in arms, wrists, back, shoulder, or hands) instead contact the nearest physiotherapist for physiotherapy at home service immediately. In such cases, physiotherapist home visit sounds rational to have customized physiotherapy sessions at your comfort and your schedule.


Smart Guidelines Managing RSI by a Female Physiotherapist

At the onset of RSI, most of the female physiotherapist in Kolkata suggest S.M.A.R.T. It is a short form of a set of exercises to deal with bad workplace/computer habits. It denotes,

  • Stretch
  • Move
  • Add variations to your work
  • Reduce/get rid of strain
  • Talk to your physiotherapist


Work is important but it should not take a toll on your health. Be it home, workplace, or class; you must follow the S.M.A.R.T rules to stay fit and active, and your Kolkata home physiotherapist Kamalika is one call away to help you out.


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